About Carl

Carl Purdon lives in Pontotoc, Mississippi with his wife and two of their four children. At the young age of five, Carl knew he would write novels someday. Thirty-five years later, he sat down and got started.

As his manuscript progressed, Carl began to research the publishing and marketing aspects of being an author. One thing he promised himself early on was that he would not release a novel until it was exactly what he wanted it to be. Artistic control was important to him, and was the primary reason he made the decision to self-publish instead of submitting his work to traditional publishing houses.

His first novel, THE NIGHT TRAIN, took eight years to complete. Getting the ideas in his head onto paper took a lot more effort than he ever dreamed it would, but the journey became reality early in 2012.

The idea for The Night Train originally began as a train adventure, but Carl's obsession with realism
forced him to search for reasons two adolescent boys would run away from home and hop a freight train. It wasn't enough for them to just do it, they had to be compelled. Child abuse seemed the obvious choice, but that, too, needed explanation. When does a boy begin to realize he is abused if he has never known anything else? At what point does he say enough is enough and run away?

Carl didn't just want to write a child abuse story. It wasn't his goal to lecture his readers on the ills of child abuse, so he decided to tell the story of Jayrod Nash through the eyes of a boy who is abused. Still, that wasn't enough. Something was missing. That something turned out to be the viewpoint of the abuser, Jayrod's father.

The Night Train is the story of Jayrod Nash, told his way. The way he dictated it to the author.

In 2013 Carl released NORTON ROAD, the story of Pap Jones. Mischievous. Cagey. Until his antics pit him against an ex-cop bent on putting him in his place.

Following a tear-jerker like The Night Train seemed a daunting task at first. As proud as he was of that first novel, Carl wanted to write something completely different. Pap Jones is a character at the other end of life. Like most people, he has his troubles, but Pap has a habit of stumbling through the worst of times and coming out in one piece, rarely learning his lesson. He finally learns his lesson on Norton Road.

"Norton Road is a multiple viewpoint novel that successfully transitions between the three main characters: Oscar ‘Pap’ Jones, Sheriff Sam Gant, and sheriff candidate Bodie Craig. Through these transitions the reader is able to see the story from all sides, making the characters much more than one dimensional. Purdon gives a clear picture of Pap’s hatred for the factory, Sheriff Gant’s life outside of the small-town police department, and how Bodie Craig’s many passions become one giant twisted obsession. The reader really gets to know the characters; wanting to not only know where they will end up, but also rooting for them along the way" ... Heather Pohl, Mississippi Library Association

In 2014, Carl released his third novel, BLINDERS, which follows ex-con Dale Criss out of the gates of Parchman prison and back into the rural Mississippi town that sent him away.

"The novel opens with a prologue depicting the final hours of Dale’s trial in a seemingly corrupt courtroom with an arrogant sheriff and a gun-toting judge, combined with an inexperienced court-appointed lawyer and a gallery that’s clearly out for Dale’s blood. The scene resonates with the reader, leaving the distinct impression that Dale did not receive a fair and impartial trial. The reader’s sympathies are tested from the beginning, though, by Dale’s recklessly irresponsible choices and behavior – indeed, at times he appears to be his own worst enemy." ... Tamara D. Blackwell, Mississippi Library Association

On March 23, 2015, Carl Released RED EYES, a sequel to The Night Train. This particular novel proved to be more of a challenge than he anticipated, but he thinks it may be his best work to date, tying, if not unseating, Norton Road as his personal favorite.

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