Sunday, January 18, 2015

Release Date Set

Release Date: March 23, 2015

After THE NIGHT TRAIN, Jayrod Nash, Arnold Wise, and Farley Milo went their separate ways, until Arnold’s abduction threw Jayrod and Farley, aka Frank Mayo, together again for a cross-country rescue mission that soon leaves them wondering if they are the hunters or the hunted.

Frank Mayo is a fry cook in a greasy breakfast restaurant in Atlanta. His home is the back room of an abandoned building infested with homeless addicts. Among them he is respected. To the rest of the city he is invisible. Enter Reese — a ghost from Frank’s past, with a newspaper article that throws Frank’s world into chaos. Soon he is reunited with Jayrod Nash, the abused boy he took under his wing in another life. Together they track the man who abducted Jayrod’s friend Arnold, but things aren’t always what they seem, and time has a way of changing people you thought you knew. The hunters become the hunted, and trust is a commodity best spent with caution.

Red Eyes is a story of friendship, betrayal, and second chances. 

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I never intended to write a sequel to The Night Train.

Since its release, The Night Train has received more reviews and triggered more reader comments than my other two novels combined. I have had the honor of speaking to middle school students who read The Night Train as part of their curriculum, as well as to teachers (retired and active) who have told me it should be required reading for all middle school students because of its subject matter.

Again and again, readers have repeated two comments: it should be a movie, and I should write a sequel. I can’t do anything about the movie request, but there came a point when I felt I could no longer dismiss the second request without failing the very people who have made these past few years so special — my readers.

So often sequels fail to live up to the original. When I decided to do this, I made a commitment to write a novel that can stand on its own merit. I wanted readers who haven’t read The Night Train to enjoy the full experience of reading a novel that is not part of a series, while not including too many spoilers should they choose to go back afterward and read TNT. At the same time, I didn’t want to subject those who have read The Night Train to excessive repetition of the original story. Striking that balance proved to be the most difficult part of creating Red Eyes. I eagerly await your verdict.

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  1. Carl, you must feel a great sense of accomplishment. It's eerie to look back on that first book, and understand what those feelings were like at the time of writing. Now your 4th book is under your belt. That's great. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, which, in my view towards books, is simply the continuation of the story (not some such Hollywood sendup to make money). That's "art" to me.

    1. I'll tell you, Mark, there were plenty of times along the way when, had I not said publicly I was writing the sequel, I would have abandoned the effort. It was much harder than I had thought it would be, partly because I had discarded my character notes (dumb rookie mistake). That being said, I'm glad I stuck with it, and I think, hope, really hope, the readers will like it.

    2. I'm sure the story has turned out well. I'm anxious to learn what has happened and is going to happen. BTW... have you got any print review requests? Sent any books out for review?

    3. I haven't sent any out for review. I suck at marketing.