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10 Questions: Sharon Purdon

Sharon Purdon -- author's wife

Booneville, MS
The Ark, Booneville, MS

It's been a while since I've conducted a 10 Questions interview. When I launched this series a couple of years ago I wanted to interview interesting people from all areas of the writing world. Most of my interviews have been with other authors. This time I wanted to interview the wife of an author, and thought what better person to answer my questions than the woman lying beside me?

I'm a bit nervous, because I intend to post the interview with the answers she gives. No content editing. No please hon you can't say that.

She knows things about me no one else knows, but hey, I get to control the questions so I'm okay, right?

Let's see.

#1:  Tell us something about your background. Where you were born? What interesting places have you lived?

Biloxi, MS
Let's see ... my background would be a book in itself, but for now...... I was born in good ole Booneville, MS. Growing up, we lived ALL over the place; Booneville, Florida, Chicago, Booneville, Hattiesburg, Booneville, Memphis, Booneville, Caledonia, Alabama, Rienzi, Petal, & Booneville.  Somehow, we always ended up back in Booneville, so I guess that song: "You Can't Go Home Again", doesn't know how many times I've went back home. And then I met Carl and have lived in Randolph for thirteen plus years and guess what....We've talked about moving to Booneville.

Gulf Shores, MS
I guess the most interesting places I've lived would be Hattiesburg and Petal, Ms. Probably because of being so close to places like USM (my favorite college), Lake Shelby, and Biloxi.......I love going
to the Coast!

#2:  Are you a book person or movie person?  

I guess I'm more of a movie person. Not that I don't like to read, because I do and I do. It's just that when I start reading, I don't like to quit until I've finished and that just can't happen often. Reading a good book and having to stop before I'm finished is like getting into a good movie and having to turn it off before I've finished watching it.  *Book lovers don't be hate'n on me*

#3:  Of the three books your husband has written, which is your favorite and why? No fair to say all of them.

I love all three, but I guess my favorite would be "The Night Train". One reason would be because it was his first and I remember how excited we were when he published and we actually held that first finished book in our hands! Another reason is because I can relate to how Jayrod felt. Kids don't know how cruel they can be or the impact of their bullying. Sadly... adults can be just as cruel...

#4:  There are pros and cons to everything in life. What do you consider the biggest pro and the biggest con to being the wife of an author.

The pros to being an author's wife is watching his dream of writing come true and come to life. I've read a lot of his writings over the years and have always believed he'd be able to get his work published one day. I knew he would. I also believe they'll be made into movies some day. Another pro is seeing him stand in front of people speaking about his love for writing and watching people line up for him to autograph his novels for them. I'm very proud of my husband!
The con to being an author's wife is the time he has to spend away from doing family things and I know he needs quiet time, but it's hard to keep kids quiet, especially with hyped-up boys! Lol

#5:  Would you say your husband spends not enough time writing, too much time writing, or just about the right amount of time writing?

I'd say too much time writing until I read what he's writing and then it's like...go, go write some more!!

#6:  Tell us one thing about you that would surprise most people

I'm very, very shy.

#7:  Tell us one thing about your husband that would surprise most people.

He's NOT shy. That would even surprise him!

#8:  If you woke up in the morning insanely wealthy, what would be the very first thing you would buy?

The first thing I would buy would be new vehicles for all of my family.

#9:  Imagine yourself sitting down with an acquaintance who tells you her husband is trying to write his first novel. What advice do you give her?

Biloxi, MS
Be supportive and understanding because there will be times when you'll want to go somewhere or do something as a family and he'll want to stay home and write. Oh, and take his connections to the internet away because if he's going to be spending time away from you writing, he doesn't need to be on Twitter or Facebook. He needs to be writing! Carl! He'll need someplace quiet, because it's close
to impossible to keep kids quiet and I have to admit it's hard to keep from interrupting him.

Be patient. It'll be worth it some day!

#10:  Let's do something different. There has to be a question you were hoping I would or wouldn't ask. Ask yourself that question (please let us see the question), then answer it.

Q: I was hoping you'd ask me how much I love you!
A: I love you more than I could ever show you. More than you'll ever know.

* * *

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