Friday, May 2, 2014

New Release -- BLINDERS

A while back I decided to blog only when I have something to say. Part of the problem with blogs, in my opinion, is that there is too much rehashing of the same information (or lack thereof).

The internet is full of advice for writers (insert almost any other category here and the statement still holds true). Most of that advice is probably well-intentioned, though often misguided, and almost always a repetition of a repetition.

But I digress. I have something to say.

In March, I released my third novel, Blinders. Don't let the title fool you, it's not about horses wearing blinders. It's the story of two men -- Dale Criss, an ex-con who comes home to a small town that hasn't forgotten his crime, and Trap Malone, a no-nonsense sheriff who believes the line between right and wrong is clearly drawn. Dale Criss is innocent of the crime that cost him twenty-five years in prison. He wants revenge more than justice. Sheriff Malone is fair but firm. Unrelenting. Both men have a lot to learn about life, but first they must take off their blinders.

As with my two previous novels, The Night Train and Norton Road, Blinders is crafted around strong characters. By the time you finish reading, I hope the characters I've created will stick with you, like friends you've known, or enemies you can't forget.

All three of my novels are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple's iBooks store, Smashwords, and various other outlets. Visit my website for more information, including how to get your signed paperback copy.

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