Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Next Big Thing -- Tagged

I'm it. I got tagged. Does that mean I'm a big thing? No, not exactly. "The Next Big Thing" is a "game" designed to promote authors who also blog. Or bloggers who also write books. We have to promote each other, you see, because that's the nature of the business these days. You can only go so far with self-promotion. It's like this: how many times can you tap someone on the shoulder, trying to get their attention, before you annoy them? But if you have someone else say, "hey, you might want to see what that guy over there has to offer." Get the picture?

Besides, promoting other authors is actually quite addictive. You build friendships with like-minded people. One of the most enjoyable things I've done as a blogger (I have to admit a love/hate relationship with blogging) has been my 10 Questions interview series which highlights others (mostly authors) involved in the business of writing books.

If you are an author and you don't help promote other authors, you're cheating yourself.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

10 Questions: Allison Cosgrove

Allison Cosgrove, author
Allison Cosgrove was born and raised in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. A married mother of three daughters, she works in accounting by day and creates her own worlds by night. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters hiking in the woods or sitting by the fire reading a good book. She has had the love of reading and writing detective mysteries from the age of twelve but it has only been since the birth of her youngest that she has gotten serious about crafting some of her own works for others to enjoy. She credits her family and friends with being the driving force that has given her the strength to breathe life into her books.

Contact Links:
Twitter:  @Alleycat34 

Now for 10 Questions:

#1:  You released Sacrifice of Innocence in July 2012. Give us your best elevator pitch, including where it can be purchased.

Children have been dying in Lake City and one man has gotten to the bottom of it. Only questions that remain are can a child sacrificing cult operate in modern day society? And can Detective Brookshire stop them in time? Find out in my debut novel Sacrifice of Innocence available for purchase and download on

#2:  Besides yourself, who is your favorite detective mystery writer?

James Patterson, has got to be my fave in that department. Stephen King is my favorite author of all time however. He is just awe-inspiring.