Monday, October 15, 2012


Through cries and screams and sobbing eyes
our children beg to be believed.
How long until we realize?
This pain they feel must be relieved.

So many lost along the way.
Graves and jails lock them in.
The guilty ones still free to prey,
on innocence with their sins.

The teacher sees the child alone,
shy and scared while others play.
Suspecting things not well at home,
she wants to help but looks away.

The preacher gives his message clear
"Spare the rod and spoil the child".
He fails to say "Let's hold them dear,
with patient heart and tempers mild."

The neighbor hears the loud abuse
and sees the marks on her tiny face.
He has no proof so there's no use
butting in is not his place.

The doctor mends the broken arm,
while bruises tell the nasty truth.
He knows inside what caused this harm,
but writes it off as part of youth.

The men we send to make our laws
ignore this truth - so hard to face.
And we with votes must see their flaws,
send someone else to take their place.

We seek a place to lay the blame,
while our children take another blow.
When another dies - the cause the same,
we swear to God we didn't know.

* * * * *

I wrote this poem in my twenties (has it really been two decades?), yet it still rings true. The only real progress I've noticed is that those in the medical field are required now to report certain injuries, or patterns of injury, to the authorities. But even that effort seems to be misguided at times, incapable of understanding that children actually do jump off the backs of sofas, or fall off their bicycles. Society -- the collective, I believe, is as incapable of common sense and reason as is a computer.

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  1. Heart wrenching and sadly still poignant. It makes me very angry to see stories like this. I lost count of the times I have gone to the authorities over this kind of thing because I couldn't let these kids sit in my class and do nothing, yet they would be back in the same household within the year. And I was labeled a trouble maker and sometimes threatened by the parents. Go figure. Never stopped me from trying though. It isn't even a matter of courage, it's a matter of being human. How could anyone not speak up? And I taught preteens and teenagers! Still makes me mad when I think about it.

    1. It's disturbing. One of the things that drives me insane is that child molesters are so often slapped on the wrist and released back into our communities. There are websites where you can go and see where they are. The first time I visited that site and saw how many were in our community it made me nauseous. Anyone who harms a child in that way should never walk free again.